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About us 

Since our establishment in 1997, our products and design reach not only Czech, but also foreign customers. The tradition of our company is based on the knowledge and experience of our employees acquired at art schools, practices, several productions here and in Europe. This happens thanks to an effort not to forget the old craft traditions, which the best technology of today cannot replace. The way of production, which has a custom character, also contributes to the uniqueness of our company. Our production is oriented towards artistic metal forming, metal production:

  • artistic metalwork

  • herding, stainless steel production

  • locksmithery

  • production of structural elements and their development

  • surface finishes

 We work with architectural studios, construction companies and realize interior and exterior products.

After the product design proposal, we will create a visualization, you will receive a completely realistic study, including the use of materials, processing.

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